听说,我们的女神会长大人又登上德国报纸啦!I surprisingly heard that our goddess president Yu boarded Germany newspaper again!!撒花!


I surprisingly heard that our goddess president Yu boarded Germany newspaper again!!




Since the acquirement, the local economy grew fast.and this time, Germany newspaper had a special report to president Yu.


She is a successful female entrepreneur with baby face and fashion style. But, what does she looks like in real life? What made her come to the quiet Obertal.


Now, let’s read the report and find her story.

‍‍Beauty is coming from inside.‍‍


"Popularity and fashion are my businesses", said president Yu with a nice brown jacket sitting on a sofa with coffee. In China, she is the represent of fashion. She changes her style from time to time. Now her hair becomes golden and blue. She said: “beauty is not focused on your appearance but also on your mind. 


I was the guests of the hospital and it surprised me.” besides, the pure air and medical service also attracted her. 


Beauty is comes from inside to outside. And another reason of her acquirement is the mental peace from the quiet black forest.



Her business started from 20 years ago. At that time, she owned a little beauty clinic and now she has 36 Subsidiaries and 4500 clinics. 



As a 46 years old female, she is the best name card of her company. She almost fulfilled the wish of eternal beauty and never aging.



Anti-aging and beautification is my major, i am always looking for the new and harmless akin-care products. Since age 28, she stepped on the journey of finding new products and treatments.



Along with fighting for business, she also put a lot of hopes on her .


然而在公司和家庭间寻找到平衡点,对一个十岁儿子的母亲来说,并不是一件容易的事。“我很少和我儿子见面,长期出差让我心力交瘁。德国的教育体制更具优势,我也想过,带他到德国来读书。”于会长说道, “和家人还有儿子在一起的时间对我来说非常重要,我希望我和我的家人都能幸福。”

It is not easy to balance business and company as a mother with a 11 years old child. I hardly see my son, the long business trip make my tired. I want to bring him to German cause there has better education system and power. The time with family is very important to me. I hope we all can be happy.



Her special artistic facial sculpture can create unique beauty for all of you. You will be amazed by that many people recovered their youth under the treatment of president Yu in her pictures. She said that treatment would be adopted in the hyaluronic acid and fresh cell therapy.


Stefan is a manager of German company and we know from him that president Yu is very good at drawing and her portrait looks perfect. She can also draw out the aging process of a person quickly. The executive dean Cluse said that she is a face design master.


After 23 years struggling, Yumeiren had become the belief of all beauty fancying people. She is definitely the leader of beauty business. She created the dream land to bring youth, health and beauty to all of people.





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